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Luke V2 ROTJ Saber - Dual Ready - Weathered V2 Version

Luke V2 ROTJ Saber - Dual Ready - Weathered V2 Version

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Based on the ROTJ V2 saber used by Luke
Hand weathered with high quality Enamel paints to replicate the Saber prop used by Luke in ROTJ. Recreating the weathered chipped paint effect from the original prop.

Clamp card is recreated and weathered to match the screen used prop

- Dual Ready - for combat dueling
Hilt Made from strong a durable Aluminium Alloy
Removable Blade made from Strong and durable Poly-carbonate

- Base Lit - 12w RGB LED
in hilt LED allows you to change the blade to a vast array of colours & blade effects such as Stable & Unstable etc

- Smooth Swing
Volume and Pitch are altered depending on how you swing or spin the saber.

- Flash on Clash Effect
Saber blade will flash and initiate a clashing saber sound when hitting objects

- Blaster Block effect
Saber blade will flash and blaster sounds will initiate at the same time to imitate blocking blaster fire.

- Blade lockup effect
Saber blade will flash and sounds will initiate to imitate when two saber blades are locked up together.

- Multiple Sound Fonts
Choose from a library of iconic saber sounds from various characters
A Loud Speaker located at the bottom of the saber.

- Volume Control
change from Loud, Quiet & Mute

Rechargeable Battery - 3000mah 18650 3.7v Lithium Ion battery with safety feature built in.
With USB charging cable

- Hilt Dimensions - 295mm Length
- Blade Dimensions - 1 inch Diameter x 92cm x 2mm Wall thickness)

FREE clear acrylic saber stand to help display the saber when not in use.

Whats inside the Box -
- Saber Hilt
- Blade
- Blade Plug
- Saber Stand
- Charger
- Allen Key
- Spare Grub Screws
- Instruction Booklet

Please note - due to the hand painting and weathering techniques, slight variations in finish and look can vary from each saber.

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